R in an Hour

R is a powerful free statistics language that I have used for 27 years. In this video I provide a getting started guide, from what to install, to how to run your first bits of code, where to find the best help resources, and where to go next in your learning journey.

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Code and data to download

Below are the AIS dataset and the R code used in the video. A .R file is a text-based file containing R code which you can open in RStudio to work along with the video.

Links for the Software Downloads

Here are links to the webpages for R, RStudio, Quarto, and RTools. Follow the video guide to install these and get started with R.

  1. Base R
  2. RStudio
  3. Quarto
  4. RTools (for Windows)

Great Learning Resources

The R for Data Science book is a great introductory text, whilst the Big Book of R is in fact a collection of over 300 books about R – all for free!! Click on the cover images to open these books.