Online Courses


How to Write an Academic Journal Article

Although academic journal articles are normally written by university professors, it can be done by anyone who can produce sufficient quality work.

This course provides a beginner’s guide on how to write your own academic journal article, including how to conduct a literature review, how to choose which journal to submit to, and how to structure your article.

How to Read an Academic Journal Article

Peer reviewed academic journal articles are considered the gold standard in terms of scientific evidence. However, they can be challenging to read and understand.

This course describes how to determine the quality of a journal, how to make sense of statistics within an article, and how to approach reading an academic article.

Introduction to Flipped Classroom Teaching

The flipped classroom in a contemporary teaching style where information transmission is focused in to pre-class content such as videos and in-class time focuses on interaction and feedback to your students.

In this class I will describe what flipped classroom teaching is and why it is a valuable skill to learn (including discussing both my own teaching experiences and published research in the area). I will describe and demonstrate a wide range of tools, techniques, and activities for your pre-class and in-class teaching, and finish the session by discussing some important technical aspects for producing high quality learning materials.

Getting Started with R

R is a free open-source statistics program. In this course I teach you the basics of installing and running R and RStudio, including loading data, basic analysis, and data visualization.