How to Search and Filter Text in R

In the video and code below I demonstrate how to use R to search and filter text. For examples I use the Friends package which contains the transcripts of all of the episodes of the Friends TV show.

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# find "on a break"
friends %>% filter(grepl("on a break", text))

# Find "how you doin'" base and tidyverse
friends[(grepl("how you doin'", friends$text)),]
friends %>% filter(grepl("how you doin'", text))

# ^ to match the start of the string and $ to match the end of the string
friends %>% filter(grepl("Hey", text))
friends %>% filter(grepl("^Hey$", text))

# exact match - just user filter but not grepl (don't use the first one here)
friends %>% filter(grepl("Joey", speaker))  # don't do this!!
friends %>% filter(speaker == "Joey Tribbiani") 

friends %>% filter(grepl("Joey", speaker)) %>% tabyl(speaker)