Barbie and Oppenheimer Graph Themes

Want to make your R graphs really stand out? The Theme Park graph themes ( give you a range of movie and TV theme sets, including the latest hit movies, Barbie and Oppenheimer.

In the video and code below I show you how to add these themes to your ggplots.

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# Themes available from

# Barbie colours and fonts

`X variable` = rnorm(50,0,1)
`Y variable` = rnorm(50,0,1)

ggplot(data=NULL, aes(x = `X variable`,y = `Y variable`)) +
  theme_barbie(barbie_font=TRUE) +
  geom_smooth(method='lm',color=dark_color_barbie, fill = light_color_barbie) +
  geom_point(color = medium_color_barbie) +
  ggtitle('Barbie Scatter Plot')

# Oppenheimer 

ggplot(data=NULL, aes(x = `X variable`,y = `Y variable`)) +
  theme_oppenheimer(oppenheimer_font=TRUE) +
  geom_smooth(method='lm',color=hotflame_color_oppenheimer, fill = light_color_oppenheimer) +
  geom_point(color = flame_color_oppenheimer) +
  ggtitle('Oppenheimer Scatter Plot')

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