Subset your data in R with the slice function

The slice functions from the Tidyverse are a handy set of R functions for taking subsets of your data (like filter but for maximums, minimums, random samples, etc). In this video I demonstrate a number of ways to use slice functions including slice_max(), slice_min() and slice_sample().

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# create some dummy data
data<-data.frame(person=rep(c("John","Sue", "Bob"),c(3,2,1)), 

# subset by max metric for each person
data %>% group_by(person) %>% slice_max(metric)

# subset by min metric for each person
data %>% group_by(person) %>% slice_min(metric)

# random sample 4 rows
data %>% slice_sample(n=4)

# first 2 rows
data %>% slice_head(n=2)

# first 2 from each group
data %>% group_by(person) %>% slice_head(n=2)